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Meet Pastor Antionette Lyons Prather

Pastor Antionette Lyons Prather is a 1981, Graduate of West Virginia State University; and began her
career in the Counseling/Mental Health field after graduation.  In 1986 Pastor Prather accepted Jesus as
Lord and Savior of her life and began studying the Bible to learn to live a life pleasing to God.  


“After years of study the Lord began dealing with her about teaching The Word so it could be understood and
practically applied to daily life.”

In 2011, Antionette Prather became an Associate Pastor at Powerhouse Deliverance International
Church – Located in Atlanta, GA.  As an Associate Pastor, Pastor Prather began teaching Sabbath School
before Sabbath morning worship and at times weekly bible study.  Pastor Prather’s ability to convey
information and lessons from The Bible in a manner that was simple and easy to apply to daily life,
became a Standard under the agreement; “The Word Of God Is The Final Authority”.


As in person Church Services across the U.S. cease due to Covid 19, on September 8th , 2020, Pastor
Prather started “A Walk Thru The Word” Pod Cast from home using popular platforms to continue
teaching the Bible principles and how to apply the word of God to daily life. Pastor Prather states, “The
goal was to continue encouraging personal growth and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.


After years of persistency and consistency along with the implementation of Social Media platforms, A
Walk Thru The Word” was introduced to a broader audience of Salvation Seekers, and Believers alike
that appreciated Pastor Prather’s Bible Based Teaching and Counsel. Eventually “A Walk Thru The Word”
caught the attention of Dreamworld Media Group. Dreamworld Media Group, in association with
Perfect Zone Productions and 4JG Enterprises, LLC,  took this home based production to a National level,
twice weekly (Tuesdays & Thursdays). The  live syndicated Pod Cast “A Walk Thru The Word” debuted on
Dreamworld Media Group ROKU Channel On August 3rd , 2021 and The Lord won’t stop there!
Stay tuned in and watch Our God move and make a way for Pastor Prather and  Blessed By Default Ministries!

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